People love us, let them tell you why!


Transform U

"Felt...pushed to work harder in a good way."

"I worked harder in Small Group and 1-on-1s than on my own."

"Looked forward to it every made the time for me."

"I really like the difference each week & no session was the same.  I like that you took my expectations into consideration when planning my one on one." 

"She was extremely personal & motivational.  My goals were taken into consideration with each personal session."

"It (the program) met my expectations and then  some!"

"I find small group sessions are great.  I love the challenge and the sweat!"

"(The small group) is my favorite part of the program.  Pushing and supporting each other."

"Love the variety!"

McNeil Lunenburg

I'm 33 years old and have worked out regularly my entire life. And I've been a member at many gyms & clubs along the way. The experience that I've had as a member at PTF is far and away the best. The entire staff is friendly and very knowledgeable, and working out at PTF gives me a feeling entirely different from that at other gyms.

As I've gotten older, my body and metabolism have adjusted. What used to work for me in the past as far as exercise and diet just isn't the same anymore. I've booked many personal training sessions with a trainer, and through our work together I've lost over 30 lbs. I feel much better about myself, I've met and surpassed goals, and I like the way I look. The staff has the ability to find the right training regimen to meet goals and will also help you to fine tune your diet to get results. 

If you're serious about making exercise and activity a part of your lifestyle, I highly recommend PTF. You'll enjoy working out there and the staff & clientele are the best around!


Mark Lanser

The facilities and staff at Premier Tennis & Fitness were indispensable in preparing me for my recent wilderness hunting trip to the Brooks Range in Alaska. I initially thought I could prepare on my own, but I’m glad I didn’t. My trainer, prepared me for all facets of the hunt. Exercises were designed to improve my core strength, balance and endurance, and that allowed me to hike over the arctic tundra, climb up, down, and across mountains and wade across rivers. Because of this I was able to score on a 6 ½ foot arctic, mountain grizzly – and hike back 6 miles to camp afterward! All in all it was an incredible, once in a lifetime experience, that I was able to undertake thanks to the staff at Premier.