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Personal Training Staff

Chris, Assistant GM, Program Director & Personal Trainer

Chris Bourgeois

BS, ACE, Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training,  Piloxing, Piloxing Knockout, Zumba,
Schwinn Cycling, Reformer Trainer,
Martial Arts, TRX Yoga, WERQ, RUMBLE &
ACE Nutrition Specialist


Chris’ journey into fitness began when she walked into a fitness center as a sedentary mother of three looking for a change.  She was encouraged and mentored by her fitness instructor and personal trainer to become certified to teach, something that she had never considered.  As she made changes in her lifestyle, finding the fun and empowerment in movement, she shed 55 pounds and gained confidence.  She began her certifications in 2001 with a Group Exercise Certification and found her passion for fitness and helping others.  Other certifications soon followed for specialties such as Indoor Cycling, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba® & Piloxing®.  Chris has become an advocate for those seeking to improve themselves, drawing from her own experiences for inspiration.  Chris stepped out of her comfort zone and into a martial arts studio for a Women’s Self-Defense class and ended up staying to continue training.  She earned her 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kyuki-Do, has studied Judo and Jiu Jitsu, was the Strength and Conditioning coach for the studio’s MMA team and has presented many Women’s Self-Defense clinics and seminars, most notably at the 1st Lady of Wisconsin’s Wellness Weekends.

Chris believes in the effectiveness of varying your movement and finding the workouts that inspire you, work for you and motivate you.  The energy of group fitness can lift you up and push you to find your power within and she is grateful to be able to share this journey with others.

Dustin - Membership Director & Lead Personal Trainer

Dustin Wexler, Lead Trainer


Dustin is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and a NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist.  He spent 4 years in the United States Marine Corps as an Infantry Squad Leader from 2007-2011.  He went on 3 combat deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq.  Dustin has also trained in mixed martial arts where he obtained a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a purple belt in Muay Thai.   Dustin was an MMA amateur fighter while in the Marines where he went 11-0.  He’s also an NPC competitive bodybuilder.  He’s been working out since he was 15 years old and has been in the fitness industry since 2007.


Dustin is a strong believer in constantly switching up and changing your workouts to where you involve different methods of training and training the muscle in every possible angle.  He loves training people who want to: lose weight, gain weight, focus on fat loss, gain muscle and build strength and, EVERYBODY!  He loves working with people who want to improve themselves whether they are just starting out or have been exercising for years.

“All I would say is that I find joy in the gym because every rep and every set is getting me one step closer to my goal" – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Terri, Personal Trainer

Terri Clore


Terri’s interest in health and fitness began while she was in the military. After earning her license in nursing, she went on to expand her education in fitness by earning a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with a minor in Health and Wellness. Terri holds certifications in ACE, NASM, Spinning, and Midwest Aquatic Association and has been in the fitness industry for 20 years.


Terri enjoys guiding and motivating her clients to achieve their personal goals by making fitness and healthy choices a part of their daily routine.

Honorio, Personal Trainer

Honorio Aranda


Honorio’s journey into a fitness lifestyle began when he had an interest in increasing his athletic abilities on his skateboard. In short time his spark for health and wellness was born as he acknowledged the importance of goal setting and incorporating healthy habits to his everyday life. His love for weight training motivated him to obtain a NASM certification, so he can teach others the importance of health and wellness and how empowering it can be. Honorio is currently attending Whitewater University and working on obtaining his Bachelors of Science in Physical Education and minoring in Strength and Conditioning. 


Honorio is a huge promoter of health and wellness because he is a strong believer of utilizing what you learn in the gym to everyday life.  He believes if anyone can accomplish their goals in their fitness journey it can also pertain to their goals outside the gym.  He also finds his own personal sense of fulfillment assisting and being a part of ones fitness journey.

Jen, Personal Trainer

Jenny Whipp

ACE, RRCA Run Coach

Jenny is a certified ACE personal trainer.  She also has a lifetime love of being active in almost any form, with her passion being for long-distance running.  She has participated in many races, including 5k's, 10k's, half marathon being her favorite distance, 200 mile team relays, extreme trail races, and a 2x Chicago marathon runner.  She has 1st, 2nd, and many other finisher awards.  She has currently set her goals on qualifying for the Boston marathon. 

Jenny is looking forward to building new relationships while helping clients succeed at reaching their own goals.  She is here to teach others the benefits of exercise while performing them in a safe and effective manner.  She personally understands the trials and tribulations it takes, but has also personally experienced what you can overcome when you put in the work.  Jenny overcame some very rough times in her life by turning to fitness.  She has learned that fitness can be the perfect outlet for life's hardships with more positive benefits than you can ever dream of.  She is a firm believer that people don't need to be saved, they need to be shown their own strength and how to use it.  If you are ready to find your own strength, Jenny would love to help.

Chris Bourgeois

Assistant GM & Program Director

Phone: 608-208-1760 ext 1704

Dustin Wexler

Membership Director & Lead Trainger

Phone: 608.208.1760 ext 1702